Game Factory Lebanon is an e-sports gaming lounge founded in the Summer of 2019 in the heart of Beirut by gamers, out of true passion for gaming. It’s a place where an exclusive community of winners can enjoy high-tech gaming with state of the art equipment at a minimal cost, where personal streaming rooms and sponsorship opportunities are made available. Game Factory is an environment where avid Lebanese gamers can fulfill their true potential!

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eSports gaming lounge in Badaro

The best gaming PC will help secure your spot on the leaderboard


High speed Fiber optic internet connection speed,  to insure the best ping latency and real-time speed.


State of the art new AMD CPU’s with PCI 4.0 Support that guarantees a smooth gaming experience



Gigabyte RTX 2080 TI that will make every gamer crave for some more. NO lags and NO FPS drops


Choice between 25″ 240hz and 27″ 144hz Monitors. We just wanna make sure you have everything you love and more !